ProPlanting Services

     Colebrook Nursery’s ProPlanting Services make your planting projects simple. When you order your plants online through Colebrook Nursery you have the option to have your plants installed by our professional landscapers at a flat rate per plant. You also have the option for flat-rate services when purchasing mulch and soil products to be installed before and after planting.

     When ordering ProPlanting Services with your plants we will schedule with you a planting date based on product availability and weather conditions. ProPlanting Services include planting and fertilizing of the purchased plants in the bed or container of your choosing. 

     The bed or container must already be weeded and prepared for planting on the day of planting. ProPlanting Services purchased for a plant do not include preparing the bed or container for planting. If you would like a quote on bed clean up please call to set up an appointment.

     If ProPlanting Services are purchased for mulch or soil products these products will be spread in the beds of your choosing. This does not include the tilling or turning of the soil. 

     You must purchase the additional ProPlanting Tilling Service to have your soil turned by a power cultivator. For each bag of soil or soil conditioner, you add ProPlanting Tilling Service to our landscapers will till nine(9) square feet of established and weed-free bed after the soil and/or soil conditioner has been applied. 

     ProPlanting Tilling Service does not cover the building and tilling of new beds. If you would like a quote on establishing new beds please call to set up an appointment. 

ProPlanting Services Are Avalable In The Following Zip Codes

Preparing your beds for ProPlanting Services

Now that you have ordered your plants with our ProPlanting Services you will need to prepare your beds before your ProPlanting appointment. Follow the following steps to have your beds ready when your new plants arrive.

  1. Remove all dead and out of season plants from your beds.
  2. Remove all weeds and grass. Try to remove grass and weeds by the root so they do not return.
  3. Add any new soil or soil conditioners at this time. Apply according to the instructions of the product.
  4. Using a shovel or tiller turn the soil about 6 inches deep.
  5. Rake the soil evenly over the beds distributing the soil so there are no low spots that water could collect.
  6.  If you would like to apply preemergent such as Preen granules you may do so now.
  7. Gently water the beds but do not soak them. Only wet the top of the soil to reduce wind erosion until planting and mulch can be applied.

Click here to watch a video on how to Clean Out a Flower Bed.

Free Local Delivery

     Purchase your plants and gardening products online and your will receive free local delivery. Thirty dollar ($30) minimum online order applies. Delivery date will be set based on plant availability, weather conditions, and staff availability. You will be contacted by phone or email to confirm delivery date and time.

      Check for your zip code in the list below to see if you are eligible for free local delivery. You can still order online if your zip-code is not listed. You will only be able to select “Nursery Pickup” for delivery and will have to arrange for pickup at our nursery.
Free Local Delivery Zip Codes